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SAT/ACT Boot Camps

Bootcamp Details & Registration

August 2022 – We understand that the college admissions process may be very confusing for many families. For many years we have offered our SAT/ACT Boot Camps as a fundraiser in partnership with DB Academics to provide Dana Hills High School students with “last minute” test preparation (review, pacing, testing strategies, etc.) before taking the PSAT, SAT or ACT. 

Only current juniors or seniors should consider doing our Boot Camps. 

NOTE: Our Boot Camps are not the same as the online mock SAT/ACT being offered by Futureology. The mock exams are a chance to take the full-length exam under "mock" conditions so you can see how you might score without the score going on your record. 




Why should your student consider taking the SAT or ACT if many schools are not requiring them?

While SAT or ACT scores may not be used for making admissions decisions, they still may be used for the evaluation for:

  • Scholarships (merit awards)

  • Direct entry programs like nursing

  • College course placement


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Katie Andersen
President, Dana Hills High School PTSA 2022-2023

Bootcamp Coordinator 

Kristina Walsh

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