Dolphin Pride

All students at Dana Hills High School are eligible for the Dolphin Pride Award which is based on satisfactory academic achievement, outstanding performance, outstanding citizenship, and school service.  Students who earn the award for three or four years are recognized at the Senior Awards night with a medallion.  This medallion may be worn at graduation.

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Senior Award Dolphin Pride Medallion Recipients

Riley Lenthall -- 4 years

Aakrsh Misra -- 3 years


2021 - 2022 Dolphin Pride Award Recipients

Brown, Kyara

Condie, Jedidiah

Dopf, Peyton

Foster, Zane

Garbino, Jackson 

Garbino, Jacob

Geiger, Mia

Gryzanoski, Janie

Korbonski, Ava

Misra, Anusha

Misri, Sophie

Mondino, Donatella

Parker, Stephanie

Segal, Alex

Dolphin Pride Award.png


2022-2023 Dolphin Pride Application (due Sept 16, 2022)

School Service Log

Dolphin Pride hours are logged and validated through our HelperHelper Volunteer Hours Mobile Tracking App. Please visit our HelperHelper page to learn more about setting up a student account.