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Join us as we move our volunteer hours tracking to a mobile platform and reduce the stress and hassle of managing all the paper! Helper Helper is available to all DHHS students.


If you are a member of CSF, NHS, Dolphin Pride or Dolphin Ambassadors we encourage you to use this app to sign up for volunteer opportunities, check-in and check-out, validate your hours, and track your progress toward your goals/awards.

Step 1: Click on the green STUDENT SIGNUP button above to sign up for a Student Account

Step 2: Select your GRADUATION YEAR and ORGANIZATIONS where you are a member (i.e. Student Volunteers (required for all students), NHS, CSF, Dolphin Pride, Dolphin Ambassadors, etc.)

Step 3: Download the Helper Helper app to your mobile device from the Apple or Google app store

Step 4: Login to the app and start volunteering!


Please follow these instructions in order. You have to set up an account first before you can log into the app. You must use your PERSONAL EMAIL account (not your CUSD account).

Do you have a volunteer opportunity you need posted in the Dana Hills HelperHelper app? Submit your details and we'll post it for you.


Account Settings

Under the main menu in the top left corner, click "Account Settings" > "Edit Volunteer Profile". If you are a member of NHS, CSF, Dolphin Pride, Dolphin Ambassadors, etc., you must add yourself to that team list. Also add your CLASS OF 202X.

Screenshot_20211102-220751_Helper Helper.jpg

Sign Up to Volunteer at DHHS or in our Community

Many school-based volunteering opportunities (i.e. Registration, Recycling, Peer Tutoring, etc.) are already listed in the Helper Helper database and you can sign up now to reserve your spot. You can search for upcoming opportunities by clicking on "See All Upcoming Opportunities". We also list some outside community service opportunities (i.e. Turkey Trot, etc.) where you may need to sign up both on the organization's website AND in Helper Helper so we can track your hours. If your volunteer opportunity is not already in our database, you can easily add it (see instructions below for ADDING A PAST COMMITMENT).

Get Your Volunteer Hours Validated

When you show up to your volunteer opportunity (that you signed up for in Helper Helper), you can check-in and check-out to show that you attended. However, you still need to get your hours VALIDATED in one of these ways:

  • Validation Key - This is a 5 digit code you can get from the person doing check-in and check-out of volunteers (only for DHHS volunteer opportunities)


  • Check-In Link or Kiosk Validation - The Volunteer Coordinator for the event will validate your hours through the Helper Helper mobile app at the end of your service. If the Volunteer Coordinator does not have access to this functionality at the time of your service, your hours can still be validated after the event by contacting the person responsible for your group.


NOTE: Take a picture of you at the event as additional proof of your attendance and upload it to the event confirmation. 

Check the Status of your Goal Requirements

Click on Stats & Goals in the main menu and then click on the Goal (NHS, CSF, or Dolphin Pride) to see the status of your hours for each requirement. If your hours are not being applied properly, go back into each PAST COMMITMENT to double-check that you have selected the correct Award and Category.

Screenshot_20211102-220751_Helper Helper.jpg

Add a Past Commitment

Check the date first, the volunteer opportunity might already be in the database.

Screenshot_20211102-220751_Helper Helper.jpg

Add a Past Commitment (not already in the Helper Helper database)

If a volunteer activity qualifies for NHS, CSF or Dolphin Pride hours (even an off-campus event) you can add it into Helper Helper. We recommend using the "Civic and Community" category for meeting community service hours. The NHS cultural event requirement must use the category "Arts and Culture". Attendance for outside volunteer activities is validated when you enter an EMAIL ADDRESS for the Coordinator of the event. Add a picture of you at the event and a picture of the ticket or other proof of your attendance if you have it. The Coordinator will receive an email and they can validate your hours remotely. If you don't know the email address, contact your NHS, CSF or Dolphin Pride Advisor.

Edit a Past Commitment to Assign Hours to a Goal (NHS, CSF, Dolphin Pride)

If the volunteer opportunities you have listed in Helper Helper are not assigned to a goal, they will not show up in your Stats & Goals Summary. Under the main menu, open MY COMMITMENTS and click on PAST to see past commitments. Open a past commitment, EDIT the clipboard icon (shown with a red 1 on the screenshot). If the clipboard icon is not available, click the EDIT button. SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE. Reply to the question and then check your Stats & Goals again. Only VALIDATED hours will be included.

Screenshot_20220520-210052_Helper Helper.jpg

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